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I can answer questions about how to build better relationships with bosses, coworkers, and employees. I can also answer questions about how to create more positive and productive work environments through communication skills, team-building, leadership development, and relationship building techniques.

Experience in the area

I am a certified professional executive coach, corporate trainer, and leadership development consultant. I specialize in helping individuals and groups deal with interpersonal "hot spots" or difficult issues. I frequently facilitate conflict resolution and often work with a partnership or team before a full blown conflict erupts to coach people to proactively create positive work cultures.


International Coach Federation North Bay Coaches Association


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Instructor in Coaching and Leadership - San Jose State University Certificate in Leadership - Co-Active Space Certified Professional Coach - The Coaches Training Institute and John F. Kennedy University Instructor in Business Communications - U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Business B.S. Business - U.C. Berkeley

Past/Present Clients

McKesson Corp. YAHOO! San Jose State University Prudential California Realty Relocation Directors Council San Francisco Dental Society ReMax Realty MBR Coaching Other industry assignments have included finance, venture capital, real estate development and finance, medical research and development, software, industrial and sales.

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2013-05-31 Improve my subordinate's performance:

Dear Jane -    Without knowing more about your company policies, opportunities for training, human resource management practices, your management skills and styles as well as those of your subordinate

2013-05-30 Denied time off work:

Dear Rachel -    Here is what I understand from your question:    1)  You have demonstrated a good work ethic/attendance at your job for the past 9 months, requesting only 2 days off and calling in sick

2012-09-30 How to ask for raise/more work?:

Dear Andrew -    I'm not sure exactly what you are asking.      But since diplomacy is not your forte, have you tried just having an honest conversation with your boss about the fact that you'd like to

2012-05-11 Need Help!:

Dear Kate -     It is widely accepted that nurses deal with a tremendous amount of pressure and stress in their work environments.  I imagine that the complexities of working in a psychiatric unit might

2012-01-18 Dealing with bosses and co-workers:

Dear Belinda -    Good question you ask.    When you ask someone "Did you mean to be rude (or condescending) or was that unintentional" the idea is to find out whether or not what they INTENDED to communicate


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