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Doug Staneart can answer questions about gaining cooperation from, motivating, and influencing coworkers and employers. He is also an expert on how to avoid and resolve conflicts as well as other issues dealing with long term business relationships.

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Doug Staneart has been a speaker and trainer for over ten years specializing in public speaking, leadership training, and team building. Doug is CEO of The Leader?s Institute® (Team Building Events) based in Dallas and author of the books 40 Ways to Influence People and Fearless Presentations. He has accumulated over 2700 hours of classroom coaching and training with over 400 of the Fortune 500.


BA Business Management

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Most people instinctively know how to deal with people, but when the pressure and stress is on, we tend to do the opposite of what we know we should do. When I coach people, it is very rewarding to see them get the success that they deserve.

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The number one thing that holds people back is not past failures -- it is past successes. When we succeed at specific tasks, we tend to try to recreate the actions that made us successful even if the circumstances have changed. People who are most successful in the technology age are those who realize when the successes of the past are no longer effective, and they adapt.

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Constructive Criticism is bad and never gets good results. When was the last time someone criticized you and you thanked them enthusiastically for being on your side? Chances are, you probably resented the critic and justified your actions. If we really want to change behavior, there are smarter, better ways.

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2016-03-03 Quitting my job:

Aunrey,     Any time that a good worker leaves, it has the potential to cause stress on the boss.  I have had people leave and come back to my company, and I welcomed them back with open arms.  When people

2016-02-01 New job nightmare:

Lenin,    The good news is that you found this out before you spent 10 or 20 years there and were really trapped.  If you really like working for the government, start looking internally for another job

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Kevin,    It sounds to me like you might want to find a new place to work versus trying to change your boss.  Just so you know, most of the things that you are saying that he is doing isn't terrorism or

2015-04-08 Boss is understaffing department.:

Chad,    Management likes when you can prove Return on Investment. Write out a plan that shows by increasing a single minimum wage employee, how much additional revenue that person will generate. When

2015-02-21 hostile work environment:

Only if you hit her. (Sorry silly joke, but you might have to lighten up a little to get a good result out of this.)    Be the adult and pull her aside and tell her that you don't appreciate the school


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