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Can answer most questions regarding estimating, contracting, project delivery, strategic planning and business management for commercial building construction contracts and companies. Not a lot of knowledge about residential or heavy/ highway projects.

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Microsoft, Quadrant(Weyerhauser), Nintendo of America, Overlake Hospital, Adobe Systems, REI

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Michelle03/17/15101010Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated.
Sam 02/08/15101010 

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2015-11-20 infrusutructure:

I would go outside and work with him until you have experienced enought of the work to understand what he does.  This will help you in sales (you can articulate what your firm does better than the competition)

2015-03-17 cleaning new construction homes:

I think most contractors would want a lump sum estimate. You should be able to understand the variables that would affect your price (sf, complexity, travel, etc) and have some experience with how much

2015-02-07 Query...:

Residential buildings are generally wood framed and subject to different codes that commercial buildings.  The wall framing for commercial space often times is CMU or metal or concrete tilt up instead

2014-12-17 roof questions:

I am not a roof carpenter but using pythagorean theorum found the following  Roof rafter (assume jack rafter 3.5" thick) would be 17'-101/4"  Jack rafter 30'  Hip rafter 23'-113/4"  This assumes 4:12 slope

2014-11-20 Question.:

I don't know the dimensions of the box drain and that is not a term I am familiar with.  If it is made of concrete and is in good structural shape and large enough to work in I would try to grind the imperfections


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