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Hey,I can answer almost every question relating to Buffy. I`m a diehard fan and love talking about the show. I have all the dvds and feel pretty confident about answering any questions on them. I have all the watchers guides.

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2008-11-08 buffy die:

We saw Buffy die 4 times, but really she only technically died 2 times. She was bitten by the master, dies and turns into a vampire in the first season in an ep called Nightmares. In the episode, a little

2007-06-17 music from 'angel' episode:

hi Gemma,    the song is called "I'll Remember" and its by Sophie Zelmani... umm... i don't exactly know where you could get it... i think the artist has a site you can check there, itunes or a program

2007-03-11 Buffy's Sister:

her name is dawn and she came at the beginning well second episode of the 5th season. before this time buffy was an only child... there were these monks who were in charged of this ball of energy called


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