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Andy Whitehead


I'm a big fan of Dr Who with a vivid imagination. I'm good with questions about the fictional universe of Dr Who. If you have questions about series continuity or specific story details, I'm your man. I own just about every episode of the classic series and I'm a fan of the new series. I'm in my twenties now and as a child I loved Dr Who so I watched all the stories a lot. That means I've got a lot of knowledge about the series that I've accumulated from years of immersing myself in the fictional universe of Dr Who. I own a lot of books on Dr Who, too, so if you have a detailed question about the series' production or philosophies, chances are I'll be able to find it quite easily. I'm also a sound technician by trade so if you have any questions about the music of Dr Who, particularly the iconic theme tune, I have a lot of knowledge in that area.

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As a child I loved Dr Who and so my parents steaduly built up a collection of Dr Who VHS video tapes for me. As I got older I never really lost my love for the series so I continued to build up my collection until I now own every single episode. Since I've loved Dr Who for many years I've watched all of the episodes many times over, giving me a lot of knowledge about the stories and plotlines. I own a lot of Dr Who books and magazines both fiction and non-fiction (including every Annual since 1973 and a smattering of Annuals from before then) so I have access to a large number of resources for more detailed questions. I love Dr Who and I'm a regular participator in online forums/discussions about the series.


I've studied Media subjects all my life, I took Film Studies, Communication Studies and English Literature at A-Level here in the UK, and then I went on to study Philosophy and Music Technology as a dual-honours degree at University. I'm currently just finishing my Masters Degree in Music Technology whilst working as a part-time video producer for a local Christian organisation.

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