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Wondering about the TARDIS? Did you ever want to know: if the rooms move, if there is more than one control room, or if people can die in the TARDIS? Ask away...



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Recent Answers from Lightpaths

2006-09-21 Tardis Console Room Look:

The question about the changing console room is one worth thinking about.     The console room even changed during different seasons of classic Doctor Who, sometimes the changes were minor, such as different

2005-08-31 The Doctor's bedroom:

The doctor's bedroom is never seen in any episodes to this point.     In "Planet of the Daleks" the Doctor sleeps in a cot that is in the main control room. In "The Mind of Evil" the Doctor sleeps --not

2005-05-25 TARDIS and Time Lords:

First of all, the TARDIS has a lock. Usually the Doctor locks the door when he leaves, thereby preventing anyone from getting in no matter how hard they might try. (Carnival of Monsters)    Interestingly

2005-04-22 What did Daleks look like?:

Daleks come from the planet Skaro (see "The Daleks" ) where at one point people (who looked like humans) lived. There were two races of people who hated each other:  The Kelads and The Thals.     Basically

2005-04-13 The Tardis:

To start with the basic concept of the inside, The TADRIS is dimensionally transcendent, which means it's bigger on the inside than out, but also that the inside is in a different dimension than the outside


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