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In the Doctor`s 40th anniversary year, there are bound to people with question about Doctor Who. If you have such a question, then I shall try my best to answer it for you. Doctor Who is a television program and not a doctor, MD, physican.

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Been interested in Doctor Who since 1980 and have the highlights of the Doctor's stories

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2013-08-17 Next Generation?:

Doctor Who has been mentioned on Star Trek a suprisingly large number of times.    The Naked Now: A sonic driver is used to open a force field (cf sonic screwdriver)  I, Borg: The Argolis Cluster was named

2008-06-08 Series 4 finale:

Who is the villian in the series finale 2008? Not a clue  Is davros returning? Possibly  And what and who is in the specials next year (2009)? Cybermen    The chief villian in the series finale of 2008

2007-11-29 Doctor who:

It's a little complicated I have to agree, but here's a summarised version    How: Donna was doused with Huon Particles which only reside inside the heart of the TARDIS. When the particles activated inside

2007-10-25 So how long before we see the 7 or 10 doctors?:

I'm guessing that you're in America right?    The Tenth Doctor meets the Fifth Doctor.     David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is set to meet Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor in a special scene commissioned for BBC

2007-10-08 HIs name.:

Ah, yes, I can do more than that I can tell you the complete conversation. The episode in question is "The Armageddon Factor" and the Doctor is in conversation with Drax (a fellow Gallifreyan).    Drax:


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