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Just ask! Many years of viewing and study, in the unlikely event I don`t know the answer chances are I will be able to find out very easily/quickly. Ask away! PLEASE NOTE: My expertise only extends to 'classic' Doctor Who (i.e. 1963-1989), I DO NOT answer questions about the 'new' series (2005-).

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Absorbing knowledge on the series from as soon as I have been able to read from books and watching the videos even longer than that. An obsessive interest in a subject for 20 years tends to lead to a pretty extensive culmination of knowledge!


The Projected Picture Trust:




BA/BSc, part of which was in Film, Radio and Television Studies MA - Librarianship MA - Film Archiving

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For an answer to this question please see my essay in 'You and Who' -

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Recent Answers from Mikael Barnard

2012-09-02 might be an episode of Dr. Who:

Hi JJ.    It certainly isn't an episode of Doctor Who. I can think of episodes from a number of shows that have stories along those general lines but nothing that really fits your description. I suggest

2008-09-01 dr who and the watchers:

Dear Jason. It doesn't exactly match your plotline but it sounds quite like "Mawdryn Undead", a fifth Doctor story (Peter Davison). Unfortunately this has not been released on DVD yet but it is available

2007-08-10 dr who colouring in:

Dear Abby. Aside from some very rare 60s colouring books and one from the 70s you are unlikely to find anything like that and they would cost quite a lot regardless. I don't know of any Doctor Who colouring

2007-07-04 the rani:

Hi Arrun. I would have thought it was the Master's wife that picked the ring up yes (if I recall correctly (which I might not!) there was nail varish on the person's nails!) I wouldn't have thought she

2007-04-14 why /how do the time lords die:

Hi. The Timelords can regenerate 12 times (13 incarnations). This is all well and good when the death is natural causes like old age, a hard fall, poisoning and the like but with energy weapons like the


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