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Know which actors played what role, a lot of triva about stories and companions and plot lines. This is about The British Science Ficiton Show Doctor Who. Please do not ask me about anything medical, for I am not a Doctor.

What do you like about this subject?

I am a WHOVIAN, I love Doctor Who. Past-Present-Future!!!!

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Brian01/11/10101010Thank you for the consise and well .....
Mark10/17/07101010Excellent thankyou - i will register now .....
HARRY AND PIPPY ISACCS05/27/07101010My children Harry and Pippy aged 8 .....
Mark04/01/07101010Just want to say thankyou very much .....
scott04/15/05101010than you, very intresting :)

Recent Answers from Alex Shepiro

2010-02-27 DVDs - Where to begin?:

Dear Justin,    You will have no problem Starting with Series 1 (2005). From Episode One "Rose" on, you will be introduced or re-introduced to the Universe of Doctor Who. Many people who never saw any

2010-01-06 Kosechei Regenetration Quirk:

Dear Brian,    Sorry for the lateness of this answer.    I have been thinking about your question, and the answer I want to give you.    I think it all comes down to the the writing of the Master by the

2007-10-14 Dr Who Pricing List:

Dear mark,    Thats Great!    About the Watch, Try looking into The Outpost Gallifrey,, Doctor Who Forum, and look into the Merchandising Section. You will probably find a person

2007-03-31 Dr Who Pricing List:

Dear Mark,    This is a toughie. After an exausting look in the TARDIS Databanks, and even having K9 look in his memory, the best site(s) I could direct you for the info you require are:    1. http://nzdwfc

2006-04-10 video/dvd releases:

Dear Arrun,    Great Queston. I assume that You are talking about re-releasing those Stories on VHS/DVD.    Well, BBC Worldwide controls What is on the Market, and What they out on VHS/DVD. And what they


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