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I can answer pretty much any question regarding "Doctor Who" both the classic series and the New series. I can name any number of facts about the program/stars.

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Twenty years of being a rabbid fan.


High-school diploma.

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robert cannon11/27/141010you're right. Iam a 2005er. very good .....
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Micah05/03/10101010Thank you very much for you help .....
Katherine08/08/09101010Thank you for being so helpful and .....
RD Bull06/29/08101010Appreciate your answer. Still on the hunt .....

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2014-11-23 doctor who:

Actually, most of the people with whom I've spoken really like/love him. Many (not all) of those who have only followed the series from 2005 onward are put off by his acerbity, having become used to the

2011-11-16 Doctor Who Orchestra Song?:

If I am hearing the music correctly, I believe that that is River's Theme. If you look on Youtube for River's Theme there's a "video" that plays just the music. I hope that this was helpful! If I am incorrect

2010-03-14 Here's A Question...:

Good Day, Mercedes!          O.K. So here's the Skinny:    William Hartnell (#1) 5'8.5"  Patrick Troughton (#2) 5'7"  Jon Pertwee (#3) 6'3"  Tom Baker (#4) 6'3"  Peter Davison (#5) 6'  Colin Baker (#6)

2009-08-06 Doctor Who The Clockwise Man:

Good Day, Katherine!          I feel your pain! There's nothing worse that wanting to read a good book and not being able to find it. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any website that allows you

2009-05-18 The master:

Good day, Nathan!          First of all, GREAT question! 2nd, here's the answer in reverse order:  6) John Simm    5) Derek Jacobi    4) Eric Roberts    3) Anthony Ainley    2) Geoffrey Beavers    And


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