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I can answer about the main characters of the series, the rules of immortality (how it works), the Watchers, episodes, the sound track, Highlander books. I can`t answer questions about swords (although I do know which is Methos` sword...) and cars and barges...

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Noelene12/01/08101010Thanks. he was very powerful.
Geoff04/12/06101010Very good answer. I really appreciate the .....
Klaus Sarji10/28/03101010Thank you very much!:)

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2009-05-29 Highalnder song:

BONNY PORTMORE, a public domain traditional Celtic folk song, sang by Laura Creamer.    Oh bonny Portmore, I am sorry to see  Such a woeful destruction of your ornament tree  For it stood on your shore

2009-05-22 Highlander:

- Has the show explained how immortals knows an immortal is an immortal, before he or she died their first time, without the 'buzz'?    Never was it explained.    - Why doesn't any immortal use any sort

2009-01-04 Where are all the bodies going?:

Grant,    At first(in the movie), the police would find the headless body and investigate the "murder"; after a while (in the series) I think they didn't want to make Highlander a police show, so they

2007-08-19 Highlander:

It seems that when the wound is on the throat/neck, they do get a scar.     McLeod once cut, with a piece of glass, the throat of the Immortal Kalas, and he got a scar and had his vocal cords damaged (episodes

2006-04-08 Highlander episode etc.:

<<<There was a great episode in the Highlander TV series, which featured a rather charismatic evil Immortal who managed to subvert a very attractive female police detective(with black hair)>>>    The episode


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