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I can answer questions about Highlander: The Series' episodes, cast, characters, time lines, etc. As well as direct you to informative web sites, sites where other fans hang out and fun sites like fan-fiction sites, role playing game sites, etc. I don't have much knowledge of the Highlander movies but I have access to a wealth of information through my online sources. I also cannot and will not answer any questions regarding the personal lives of the actors.

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I have been an obsessed fan of the series since it first aired on television. I own every episode from all 6 seasons. I belong to several fan based groups on the Internet, participate in one email style, one forum style and one live action style Highlander role playing game as well as "own" (moderator/director) a live action style RPG of my own. I also dabble in writing fan-fiction stories based on the series.


I am a high school graduate and graduated from a private vocational school as a certified Paramedic.

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2013-03-02 Heads:

In Season 1, Episode 4 (Innocent Man)...Sgt. Powell (Detective) mentions having found a couple of beheaded bodies in Seacouver (the fictitious city in Washington where the Highlander takes place).  And

2011-08-02 Highlander; The Series:

When season five began in 1996, the budget for the season was already set in stone and it would only be for 18 episodes. It was decided that "Double Jeopardy" and "One Minute To Midnight" would be saved

2009-09-02 Methos question:

For one thing....at the time that spin offs were being discussed the most popular TV shows featured strong female characters (Xena, etc.).  So the producers and the financial backers demanded that if there

2009-06-01 Highlander quickening question:

In the second movie it was explained that Immortals actually came from the planet Zeist...that they were exiled to Earth.  But if you ask any of the fans of the Highlander movies and TV series they will

2009-05-28 Highlander quickening question:

In the episode Something Wicked (season 4) Duncan receives a Dark Quickening which is explained as what happens when an Immortal receives more Quickenings from evil Immortals than he can handle and the


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