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I can answer questions related to actors, plots, titles, dates, Rod Serling, Original and New Twilight Zone episodes, and history of the Twilight Zone.

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I designed and maintain a Twilight Zone homage page at (founded in 1996). I also own several books about the Twilight Zone, Rod Serling and other aspects of the TV show.

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2015-07-05 Episode of the twilight zone:

This sounds like 'Feasibility Study' from season 3 of the Outer Limits (1997).  The same episode also existed in the original Outer Limits series (1963).     Season 1, Episode 29  https://en.wikipedia

2014-04-13 Dust:

I'm not sure why you never saw this episode.  It was included in the original syndication package, and I remember seeing it several times on a station out of Houston when I was younger.  The only five

2013-11-05 Twilight Zone:

I believe you are remembering an episode of 'One Step Beyond' called 'Fate'.  Here is a link to a synopsis and what appears to be the whole episode -

2013-04-19 Purchase movie:

You can watch the full episode here:    From what I could find, Season Three of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour is not available on NTSC/Region 1 DVD.  Amazon has

2012-04-23 Possibly Twilight Zone?:

Number 1 is an episode from the anthology series 'Darkroom' titled, "Stay Tuned, We'll Be Right Back."    Number 2 I am not sure of.  Vaguely sounds like the original Twilight Zone spisode, "Stopover In


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