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I feel that I can answer most all questions about The X-Files. I have been a huge fan of the show since it has started. I have seen all of the episodes and the movie many times. I would be referred to as being an X-Phile, which as you know, are what the population of extreme fans of The X-Files are called.

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I have seen all of the episodes and the movie many times. I own all of The X-Files comic books that have ever come out. I am a HUGE fan of the show.


I am a High School Graduate that is currently attending college.

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Randee04/13/09101010Thank you!
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Daniel11/05/08101010I would like to thank you jessica .....

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2012-06-25 sell:

I would recommend taking them to a local comic book shop to get them priced.  Sometimes comic book shops will be interested in purchasing them from you themselves.  If that's not the case, they can at

2012-06-02 x files:

Hello Kristine,     1. As far as I know, there haven't been any rumors about a novel coming out in reference to 12/22/12.  I do however know that there are a lot of different fanfic sights out there. One

2011-12-25 spinning ballerina:

During seasons 8 and 9 there was some episodes where there was metal that would spin, but I can't recall any that looked like a ballerina.      I know is the episode "Existence" season 8, episode 21.

2010-10-22 TXF 3:

Silja,     There are no guarantees of course, but after some research it does seem a good possibility that there may be another movie in December of 2012.      David Duchovny had said ďAs far as the X-Files

2010-08-02 last ep. of s. 5:

Hi Kelly, sorry I'm just now getting back to you.      Between season 5 and season 6, The X-Files movie came out (June of 1998#, and in the movie they went to the Arctic.  They had kind of tied into the


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