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I feel that my strength lies in answering questions about the plots and content of the episodes (as opposed to knowledge about David & Gillian, etc...). I love stand-alone and mytharc episodes pretty equally, and I am very knoweldgeable about the development of Mulder & Scully's relationship over the years. I'm also really good at finding actors that have been on multiple episodes playing different characters. As someone who studies crime I can speak to the accuracies/inaccuracies of how many types of stand-alone offenders get portrayed on the show.

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I have seen all of the episodes and both movies more times than I care to admit. I have read several published X-Files novels and took a crack at fan fiction myself.


American Society of Criminology


B.A. from Brown University M.A. and Ph.D from University of Maryland field of study: Criminology and Criminal Justice

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