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General X-Files knowledge - specific episodes, characters (especially with regards to Mulder and Scully), mytharc, possibly even casefiles over the last 7 years.

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I've seen all the episodes (seasons 1 through 9), read most of the books.


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Tatyana Bondareva08/20/09101010You're absolutely right - it is A .....
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Recent Answers from Bertha

2013-02-24 X files movie I Want to Believe:

The priest developed a psychic connection with the man who was operated on because the man was abused by the priest in the past, and has since felt guilty for his actions and tried to repent. It was suggested

2010-06-01 Black Oil? Confused...:

It is believed (as well as debated among many XF fans) that the black oil is a race of aliens. There are some explanations of its origins that were hinted at in the first film (Fight The Future) and other

2010-04-21 Episode guide books and beyond.:

There are official guide books. You can find them on Amazon (this is one: http://www.amazon.com/Want-Believe-Official-Guide-X-Files/dp/0061053864/ref=sr_1) I'm

2009-08-20 The lost episod:

I don't believe there's such an X-Files episode. The only time Mulder's been really trap inside a room is during Biogenesis/Sixth Extinction where he was in the mental institution. However, it does sound

2009-01-07 william:

William was born at the end of season 8. In season 9, she gave him up for adoption because she felt she was unable to protect him or give him a normal life (William was in constant danger from people who


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