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I am a New York City trivia buff. I have written "Mr. New York`s Trivia Quiz", a 600-page fun book which offers hundreds of multiple choice questions and answers. Each of the 38 chapters cover a different aspect of NYC. The topics include: places, people, history, sports, buildings, theatre, fun facts & more.

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I was born and raised in NYC. My website is


N.Y. Trial Lawyer's Association


In New York magazine.


St. John's Law School, New York

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If you didn't already know it...NYC is the greatest city in the more than ever!

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"Mr. New York's Trivia Quiz - Volume 2" is now available for sale on

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My website, MRNEWYORKTRIVIA.COM contains some sample New York City trivia questions (with answers).

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The World Trade Center contained more structural steel than the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

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2016-01-29 NYC Tap Water:

The water from the Croton reservoir in Westchester County, New York provides delicious and fresh water to all of New York City.  An elaborate aqueduct and water system was built in the mid 19th century

2014-12-31 Gustav Lindental bridge drawing:

Hi Max,    As you may know, Gustav designed many bridges in his lifetime. Some were in NYC and  others were in PA. Does the painting appear like it is in NYC? Skyline or other landmarks?  If so, my guess

2012-12-19 Commodore Theatre:

The 1922 Commodore Theater, in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section, was a local landmark.    The Commodore Theater was also the home of the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival from 1998-2002. The Commodore

2011-02-24 street grid:

Sam,    The original layout of the streets of Manhattan above Houston Street was devised by the Commissioners' Plan of 1811, which put in place the grid plan. A group of 3 men devised this plan. According

2010-08-01 NYC Buildings:

Alice,    Great question. If there is a person who can give you an up-to-date list of all the buildings in the city, it's probably an employee of the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority


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