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I can answer any questions about music on the show. I also know quite a bit about the storylines present and past.

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I run a website with lyrics for the music on Ally McBeal

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I just love the music they use on the show - I'm always impressed by how they find songs which fit the storylines so perfectly!

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The guy with the beautiful voice who sang at the prom in Season 4, and for his dead mother in Season 5 is named Josh Groban. He has his own website at The songs he sang on the show were "You're Still You" and "To Where You Are". Both are on his debut CD, and lyrics are available through my website (see above for URL).

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2015-01-06 Take me home?:

Hello Jane,    I believe the song you are looking for is, in fact, called "Take me Home" and it was originally written by Tom Waits.  He has the lyrics on his website here:

2013-08-30 Ally McBeal Season 1 Music:

Hi Rodney,    I'm sorry, but even when the show was still on air the vast majority of the musical numbers were not available, and the ones that were tended to be fan-posted clips of varying quality.  Since

2012-11-09 Larry Paul Song:

Hi,    The song Larry sings is "Sherry Darling", originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen.  While I do not believe the version from the show is available at this point, you should be able to find Bruce

2011-08-17 Ally Mcbeal/Sting:

Hi Tamara,    The song that Pee Wee Herman and his wife were suing Sting over was "We'll Be Together".    The other Sting songs in the episode were:  "After the Rain Has Fallen"  "Every Breath You Take"

2011-06-17 the musical-almost:

Hi Terry,    Sadly, most of the music from the show was never released in audio format.  Many years ago there were some websites that had posted songs from the show but all of them have shut down over


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