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The questions I will be best at answering will relate directly to the show (any of the ten seasons) and the plotlines. I have seen every episode countless times, and know tons of stupid and pointless trivia. If you give me a question about your life, I can often (frequently?) find a Beverly Hills, 90210 episode to which it relates. I do follow the main actors as well, and watch the new 90210.

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Besides watching the show since 1990 in the original airings, I follow many of the cast members on twitter, facebook, etc. I was also chosen as Luke Perry's #1 fan by MTV, and interviewed him on the 1998 episode of their show FANatic. I have religiously wathced the episode repeats on FX and Soapnet.


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2015-05-09 Dylan's Money:

My unsatisfying answer is that we don't really know how rich Dylan is. You've identified many inconsistencies that arose regarding his fortune. It seemed, especially after Jonesy found Kevin and Suzanne

2012-04-06 Pilot Music:

Hi, Julia,    There are two versions of the episode because the DVD versions are different than the original episodes. The DVDs are missing nearly all the original music. I imagine the version you linked

2011-08-22 Finding the BH 90210 cast on FB:

Hi, Laurie, is a listing of their twitter accounts.     I know the following are real: (he is friends with the actor

2011-08-19 Off screen tension between Luke and Shannon:

Hi, Laurie,    I have read similar things about tension with Shannen. Frankly, I believe that only those on the cast know exactly what happened between her and the other actors. The rest of the group has

2011-08-17 Luke Perry:

Hi, Laurie,    In 1998, I sent a video of myself to MTV to appear on their show FANatic, which advertised that it was seeking Luke Perry's #1 fan. A few days later they called me and interviewed me on


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