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I can answer pretty much any question about 90210. I watched it from season one to the end. I felt like I related to the character Donna with her learning disability, and with the Walsh kids because they moved at the beginning of their sophomore year, and I did too. I graduated when the gang did, if I completed college when I was supposed to I would have graduated when they did.

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I am really knowledgable with Brenda, Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, Mel, Jackie, and a little bit of Donna and David.

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2013-10-01 Erica's note:

Hi, Nathaie...  As far as I know, I think she put that her mom and Kevin were taking care to Brazil.  We didn't see the note, but it was implied.  I thought you would enjoy this picture of Erica and Dylan

2012-11-19 dylan;s age:

Hi, Kayla  Dylan was the same age of Brenda, Brandon and everyone else.  Jim was wanting Brenda to be with someone that wasn't a "rebel" and Brenda just started things about guys that she thought her dad

2011-07-23 Whatever happened to the 90210 characters:

Hey, Monica.  As far as I know, it didn't say anything about Brandon and Susan getting back together.  They just showed that Brandon left California after he and Kelly decided not to get married.  On the

2008-11-22 Brandon and Kelly:

Brandon and Kelly got together after their freshmen year in college.  They started spending more time together when he was involved with Lucinda (his professor's ex wife) and Lucinda recommended Brandon

2008-09-26 brandon and andrea:

Hi, Shari.  There were plenty of opportunities for Brandon and Andrea to hook up but unfortunately they did.  There was the night that she wanted to ask him to the Spring Dance, but Kelly already asked


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