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Can Dylan solve quadratic equations? What makes up a "mega-burger"? If an answer exists, I probably know it. Whether your question is general, begging the context of all 10 seasons, or completely inane, feel free to drop me a line either way. I will provide episode reference numbers for each response and plan to have some fun with this. Trivia quizzes often need correction, and publications will get their plotlines/characters/relationships mixed up too. I accept dialogue/scene requests, but please limit your inquiry to 1-2 per question. I only know music from the original broadcasts/reruns, not the DVDs. Been a fan since 1990 and didn't miss a beat.

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Well, I began watching "Beverly Hills, 90210" at the tender age of 9 and a half, during its original run. By 11, I was a huge fan; 13, obsessed; 14, growing bitter. I don't like S6 - S10 as much as Seasons 1 - 5. But, technically, I still watch all of them in some way. Do this for 20 years and you'll remember the darndest things.


I'd like to say I've earned a "degree" on the life and times of the original eight, with specific concentration on Seasons 1 thru 5, any Jack McKay drama, Dylan/Kelly together or apart, and the guest stars of 1992-1994. Season 4, I think, was the best and strikingly different from any other. My only weakness might be later-season 'stand-in' characters like Matt and Noah, and the ever-changing ownerships of The AfterDark.

What do you like about this subject?

Its focus on the power of friendship.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I'd like to forget season eight.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Stephanie Beacham played Luke Perry's mother on 90210, but she also played the mom of Jason Priestley just a few years before, on the short-lived sitcom, "Sister Kate" (1989). Moreover, she played a nun ... and who can forget that?

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Save their personal lives (which I don't follow much), a controversy may be the way in which episodes are numbered. I found a wonderful (now N/A) episode guide years ago where each two-parter is counted as 2, all specials are included, and the fact that the 100/200th episodes weren't what they claim is duly recognized. All in all, there's been 296. If that number is off, so is everything else.

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2016-09-05 Mary Anne Moore:

Hi Kayla,    When Marianne Moore throws her shoe in the pool for the party-goers to fetch, I took it to mean that she was A) showing how fun-loving and how much of an unpredictable Party Girl she could

2016-08-25 Song from pool party:

Hi Lovisa,    The song from "Radio Daze" that you're looking for is "Show Me" by Ultra Naté.  It's the one that plays while Brenda and David are competing in the dance contest.  Currently, the scene can

2015-03-08 Dylan and ownership of peach pit restaurant - not after dark:

Hi Jason,    Yes, he does.  And then later buys the building.    This is an excellent question.  Ultimately, I'm going to side with the idea that when Dylan relinquished his investment in the AfterDark

2014-12-08 saxophone music:

Hi Sarah,    Oh, how I would love to know the definitive answer to this!  Even just for the electric guitar and saxophone-laden segments that are so fondly associated with the show (sorry, Peach Pit AfterDark)

2014-11-30 Episode Question:

Hi Christina,    You may be thinking of "Disappearing Act" (Season 7, Episode 4), in which Kelly fears that she may have contracted AIDS from Jimmy.  Donna spots her up at night looking through photo albums


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