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I am an expert of Star Trek: TNG, VOY. I am also very knowledgeable about DS9 and TOS, but there are far better resources about these two shows than me. My specialty is being able to answer general trivia questions, but I am capable of explaining the science behind a lot of the episodes. Because I have almost every episode on tape, and memory is quite good, I can easily and quickly answer questions.Now that these shows are now in syndications, I want to help keep their memory alive.

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Avid fan since birth. Spent many an day watching episodes.

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Richard06/29/07101010Thanks Michael. I have now purchased this .....
Eve12/17/06101010 David Gray - babylon :))) .....
Jennifer12/11/06101010Thank you very much, it had been .....
Gwen11/04/06101010Thank You very much. Gwen

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2009-12-15 Mark Greene's Funeral:

Hello    I'm not exactly certain. The list of songs I have for this episode are as follows:    Hello, It's Me," Todd Rundgren; "Imagine," John Lennon; "One Step Closer," Linkin Park; "Over the Rainbow

2008-06-08 song from ER episode:

I don't have a copy of the episode on me at the moment, so I can't double check. But if you know it isn't KC and sunshine band, then it's most likely one of these two:    "Read My Mind," The Killers;

2006-10-21 Music on ER:

Abel,    The episode is "Bloodlines" which was the 13th Season Premier. The song is David Gray's "Slow Motion" from his album "Life in Slow Motion".     The iTunes Store URL is here.

2006-09-13 ER:

The episode is "Such Sweet Sorrow". The song is performed by Don Henley, and it titled "Taking You Home".     The iTunes Store URL is here:

2006-03-13 ER Music of Episode 10x02 "The Lost":

Martin,    The only info I have on this comes from the following website:    Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge - Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 - Agnus Dei   Luka praying "The Lord's


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