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Ok I know everything about ER the ER cast and the characters(especially Doug and Carol), and in the case where I don`t know the answer I will search the all net to try and find the answer. So come on send a question and test. BTW I will usually answer within a day or two. also be aware that music from season 12 and above are harder to find, since they are considered to be fresh new episodes, but send the question any way. i'll do my best. Oh and I love to be rated so if you thought I was any good I will be more then happy if you`ll rate me, it only takes a minute.

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Josie12/29/09101010Thanks Maya, this helped a lot Josie
Katie08/15/09101010Thanks Maya! You are awesome!
Jennifer08/12/09101010Thank you so much!
Linda Boulis04/07/09101010Thanks for the quick response Maya, but .....

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2009-12-29 Mark Green's Funral:

hey Josie    try here:    could be the right place to ask will be: Micdi Productions according to that page they did the music editing for the show.

2009-12-29 Mark Green's Funral:

hey    maybe contacting WB or one of the productions company.    Maya

2009-04-09 Three songs I'm dying to find!!:

hey Josh    regarding the funeral song rumor has it the tune was written especially for the show but it's still a rumor. no one has yet managed to identify the song.  i also haven't managed to find the

2009-04-06 Music from episode On the Beach:

Hey Linda    this is what i found    "Crawling in the Dark" - Hoobastank - Hoobastank  This was playing when Mark arrived home from his last shift in the ER and went up to check on Rachel, who fell a sleep

2008-11-16 Kovac & Abby:

hey margaret    i'm sorry for the late replay i had some connection problems.    1. i'm afriad you'll have to give me a little bit more information who else was in the episode do you remember which season


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