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Character and plot related questions, especially about Noel. I am especially knowledgeable with regards to recurring themes in episodes and connecting threads betweeen and among episodes. Character relationships are my specialty. I can also answer questions about the actors on the show.

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I have never missed an episode of the show in its 2 seasons on the air. And I also have a fabulous memory for minor details.

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"Felicity" is just a fun show. Pure, campy, addictive fun--and that's just the way I like it.

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Staci07/08/07101010Awesome! Thanks, now I can stop thinking .....
Marjorie07/09/041010u r wonderfull janet ,u r the .....
princess04/01/01101010Very fast!
Ashley05/21/00101010She was very descriptive about the answer .....

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2007-07-08 Theme song:

Hi, the theme song "New Version of You" was written especially for the show by JJ Abrams and Andrew Jarecki.  They are also listed as the artists for the song, so I am unsure who is singing.  The soundtrack

2004-07-08 felicity:

Felicity cut her hair because she decided that she needed to make a change after breaking up with Ben (the first time).    The actress playing Julie left the show, so when the character left, she just

2000-05-20 Meghan`s box:

Ashley--  The Twilight Zone episode which aired in January revealed that Meghan's box actually contained Felicity, Noel, Julie, Ben and Elena.  It's a little difficult to explain if you haven't seen the


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