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Fan since 1995; have seen every show from the start to the end; co-edit a Law & Order `zine, apocrypha; freelance entertainment writer. My interest propels my knowledge, so I`m pretty well versed in all things Law & Order!

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Hey, it's the best show on television -- plus, they make it as real-life accurate as possible.

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2014-05-17 Law & Order:

Meet Steven Zirnkilton!    And this is fun to watch as well:    Hope this helps! He's

2012-02-25 Lt. Van Buren:

In 1997, a secondary storyline gave Anita a bit more to do than just boss the police around -- in the episode "Burden," she sued the NYPD for promoting a white woman with less seniority ahead of her, and

2012-01-16 jack/claire:

Hi there!    I am afraid that I haven't seen LoPagan's fanfic page in a while; you may want to try the Internet Wayback machine and do some digging. Geocities has pretty well bit the dust, so if it wasn't

2011-04-28 Law and Order, Major Case Squad:

Hi there!    My expertise is in the original show, "Law & Order" -- and less so with one of its spin-offs, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." But I'll take a stab at this -- I believe the person you're talking

2011-03-21 Season 17, episode 1 "Fame":

There's not a lot of personal info about Jack, though there's a great character roundup site, located here:    Things we know about Jack's daughter


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