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The series may have ended, but I can still answer questions regarding the romantic storylines of all characters, particularly Charlie`s since Matthew Fox is my all time favorite actor from the show! I can answer questions about character backgrounds and probably answer any specific storyline questions.

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I watched the show from Day One and remained a devoted fan throughout the series run. As a supervisor at my job, the running joke was that in order to get a raise, my staff had to watch the show too!


BA in Elementary Education
Masters degree in Reading (teaching to all ages)

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2008-07-04 julia and justin:

Hi Lisa,    I believe when Julia takes a job with the NOW in DC, Justin decides to move to DC also to be with her.  The show ended so long ago and I don't get reruns of it where I live, but I think I'm

2007-11-18 last episode:

Hi Amanda,    I can tell you a basic rundown of what happened, but if you want an excellent detailed account, go to  Someone there wrote an excellent recap of that episode.  Once you're on

2007-09-07 Party of Five theme song:

Hi John,    I do remember there being other songs playing before "Closer to Free" was adopted, but I'm not sure if there was only one.  I thought they used popular songs in the beginning like, "Hold My

2007-04-13 Griffin Holbrook's Unknown Future:

Hi Dawn,    If Griffin and Stephanie stayed together, I would say they definitely have at least two kids, because we all saw the close relationship Griffin developed with Owen.  Despite all of Griffin's

2006-12-01 party of five:

Hi Mary,    Since the episode of Grey's Anatomy aired last night, you probably already know the answer to this question, so I apologize that I didn't get to it sooner.  Yes, it is the same actress and


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