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Most questions I can answer...I may not remember an "extra" on the show, but I do know all of the main characters and their storylines.

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lI have watched AMC since it first aired for 35 years


lI finished high school and when on to get my nursing degree. I have been a nurse for 21 years/

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I enjoy most of the storylines and tape the show each day so I can watch it either before dinner or after. Some of the characters I can actually relate to! It is amazing and a wonderful soap where many real life issues are dealt with! I commend the writers and producers as AMC was one of the first shows to deal with many modern day issues.

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I hope to also broaden my understanding and perhaps even learn some things that I didn't know that may have slipped by.

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I saw Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) in his stand up comedy act. He said there was a character named Bobby Martin ( who I really can't say that I remember) who went up in the attic at Joe and Ruth Martin's house to wax his skiis and was never seen again. I am not sure if this was true, but that is the talk. That house was blown away in a tornado that swept Pine Valley. If he was in that atti

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Many storylines have been controversial. Erica had an abortion when the show was fairly new. She didn't want to have a family as her career was of utmost important to her. Once her huband, Tom Cudahy found out, they parted ways. I also loved the storyline with Stewart's first wife, Cindy, who had AIDS. There is now the current storyline of Erica's daughter Bianca, being gay. What great dayt

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John03/10/11101010quick and excellent response. thank you.
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Recent Answers from Mary Ellen

2011-03-10 Character questions:

Yes.........that storyline was dropped.  I do believe that she was in counseling for a while, but nothing more was ever said about it.  Gosh, I sure wish they would "rap" up these storylines.  Now all

2011-03-10 Character questions:

Hi again John..........  Yes, Dixie was poisoned with the pancakes. never has come out about WHO killed Dixie.  Of course, this was during the time of the SATIN SLAYER who killed off many characters

2011-03-08 Character questions:

Hi John.......  Yes Amanda has a brother, Timmy Dillon.  He hasn't been on in ages and he is never mentioned.  =(  Who killed Babe?  No one.  She was a victim of a line of tornadoes that went through Pine

2010-08-10 All My Children broadcast today 8/10:

Hi Molly........  It was because of the return of Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) from General Hospital.  It interupted AMC and OLTL too.    They gave the viewers of GH a 3 hr. showing due to Marcil's return to

2010-03-27 Janet and Trevor Dillon:

Hi Ajay..........  I couldn't agree more!  They were one of my all tme favorite couples.  =)  If you go to and then type in where it says SEARCH:    Janet and Trevor Dillon........there


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