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I have been watching Days of Our Lives since 1990 when my friend, Barry Watson played Barry on it. I know most of what has happened of then and now, if ya want, try to ask me something Ill try to answer, :)

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Dianne09/04/151010Jackie was polite and answered my question .....
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2015-04-06 Phillip:

Hi, Linda  Phillip left town to go to Chicago.  He went there to be closer to his son, Parker.  It turned out that Phillip wasn't Parker's father.  Daniel is.  That was the last we saw of him.    Vivian

2013-12-25 Bo Brady:

Hi, Cam  Bo first left town to take care of his mom, Caroline but she came back.  He is doing work undercover, which lately has been more important than his wife, Hope and daughter, Sierra.  Peter Reckell

2009-01-19 bo ad hope:

No, Bo and Hope don't get divorced.  They are actually really happy.  They have a daughter named Ciara.    Yes, Carrie and Austin get back together.  I don't recall if they remarried or not.  When they

2009-01-17 shawn and bell's baby:

Hi, Elanah  Shawn finds out about Claire when Zack gets sick.  Belle and Shawn do nothing about it for awhile because Belle is married to Phillip and for awhile Shawn is married to Mimi.    They do the

2007-08-03 A few questions:

Hi, Cheryl.  Chloe and Brady went off into the sunset together.  They got married and left town.  So they had their happily ever after story, :D.  Nicole got messed up.  She had some problems.  She hooked


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