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Know about almost every storyline on General Hospital since the show aired. DO NOT ask me music questions, as I will not be able to answer most of them! Note: This volunteer may take up to 6 days to answer your question

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bb10/19/14101010Great job,thanks.
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Recent Answers from Vanessa

2014-10-15 show a picture of courtney:

Courtney's real name is Alicia Leigh Willis.    If you type her name into Google your husband can see more pictures of her.    Hope this helps,    Vanessa    ***note: the picture didn't seem to work.

2014-02-04 Is there an actor/actress that has been on:

Audrey, portrayed by Rachel Ames, was on the show 50 years ago. She started on the show 6 months after the show premiered.  She is no longer a regular on the show, but she does make some guest appearances

2012-10-03 general hospital:

I have heard that Steve Burton is leaving, so I do not think that Sam and Jason will be getting back together.      AJ is coming back, but it has not been announced what character he will be playing.

2011-12-16 Sonny's Last Name:

Michael “Sonny” Corinthos, Jr. was born in the blue-collar Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. His father, Michael “Mike” Corinthos, Sr is of Irish and Greek descent and his mother Adela is Cuban. Due

2010-08-12 Robert and Anna romance 1991:

I have tried to find out info. for you about Robert and Anna.  The only thing I can find is about Valentine's Day 1991.  Anna relaized she still had feelings for Robert and she seduced him, bound and gagged


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