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I can answer questions about the past, family history, past & present relationships, etc. I can`t answer questions about the stars who are on GL (their names, personal goings on, etc).

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I have been watching GL for 27 years. Started watching with my mom when I was a teenager and haven't stopped!

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2009-01-19 guiding light:

Hi, Kim!    Beth Raines' father, actually he was her step-father, was named Bradley Raines.  We never knew her real father. He was an unemployed spouse abuser and child molester.  The actor's name is James

2008-02-26 change in show:

I know what you mean.  I think I read somewhere that they were going to try a new technique, utilizing hand held cameras.  Some of the quality does seem a little poor but I am enjoying the outside shots

2007-10-27 Cyrus, Marina and Harley???:

Well, it seems the powers that be are laying the ground work for a Harley/Cyrus paring.  I am a hugh GusH fan and not excited about it but I guess it could be interesting.  With Harley being Marina's aunt

2007-06-10 Tammy & Jonathan:

Well, they were written out but I believe they both wanted to pursue their acting careers.  Tammy was hit by a car and killed so Jonathan left town with his daughter, Sarah, but made it to look like they

2006-11-10 beth raines spauldings father:

Hi Casey,  Well James woods is not the actor who played the evil Bradley Raines-your mother was half right.  The actor is James Rebhorn.  You may not recognize his name but he has been in many, many movies


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