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i can probably answer almost any question you may have regarding the cast/characters and story lines. I tape the show every day and keep updated by ready soap magazines.

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i've probably been watching the show close to 20 years. i'm probably more familiar with the past 5 or so though. i also keep updated by reading soap magazines.

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Pamela Good08/06/10101010 
Beth09/24/091010Thanks so much Jillann. That is all .....
Nan10/29/08101010Thanks for trying. My sister found it .....

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2010-08-03 Rex proving his identity:

Thurthfully pamela... i don't know... it's soap opera world. i can't explain alot of the things they do. if he has just showed him is license.. 1. that would be too easy. 2. glen, was it, probably wouldn't

2008-10-27 Song:

Nan,     i'm not really sure of the song.. and i have seen the episode yet.. so i goggled the lyrics you gave me and only came up with...    why did you have to go away by michael franti and spearhead

2007-08-25 Song:

i know.. that some soap tunes are available on itunes..     examples.... all of prom nite the musical...     again i will keep this question handy if i have any luck..    2 problems though.. i can't really

2007-08-22 Song:

S... I FOUND IT ! ! ! ! ! ! !  it was really starting to bothering me that i couldn't find it in any of my mags.. i bet i went through them 5 or 6 times.. i knew i saw the anwswer somewhere...   and i


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