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Please, Please, Please do not ask me any questions about any songs playing in the background on the show. I have no idea about them and do not even pay attention to them. I CAN NOT tell you what songs are played in the episodes. I CAN answer questions about people, plots and history of the show. I`m fuzzy on questions from the years 1979 - 1989. Thank you and I hope I can help you.
I don't mean to come off sounding rude, but you have no idea how many questions I get about music even though I have this paragraph about my expertise and the fact that I know nothing about the songs. Thank you in advance. Oh, and one other thing, if you do ask a question about music even after all this; I will not answer it. Sorry. 10/17/07 - BECAUSE SO MANY OF YOU KEEP ASKING ME QUESTIONS ABOUT MUSIC PLAYING ON THE SHOW, I HAVE NOW DECIDED TO GIVE RANDOM ANSWERS TO WHATEVER SONG POPS IN MY HEAD. IT WILL NOT BE THE NAME OF THE SONG FROM THE SHOW. FAIR WARNING.

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Believe it or not, I have been watching since the show debuted in 1973. I was home sick from school and my mom was going to watch this new soap- the Y&R. I got hooked and have been watching ever since. I especially know the early origins of the show, characters, famililes, etc. I am also very good at predicting what will happen with characters and storylines right away, and usually have contests with my mom or sister to see who is right. But one thing I don't know is music! I don't know the songs they play or background music, so if you need answers regarding music I just can't help because I honestly don't know. I am just watching the show like you, I have no inside information about the songs they sing or that are playing in the background.


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I enjoy the show, and especially like to figure out in advance where I think a storyline will go. I like to do this with my mom & sister to see who is right first.

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I'm a y&r enthusiast who likes to fill people in on background of characters or storylines if they want to know.

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In the early years, around 1975, David Hasselhoff played one of the main characters: Snapper Foster, a doctor who was Jill Foster Abbotts brother.

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In the late 80's, a villian who was after Nina's money got his comeuppance when he was pushed to his death into a large factory trash-compactor. It was so great - they even showed the square package of compacted garbage with a bloody arm or something else identifiable as the villains. We were all cheering with joy. he really deserved that.

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