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Recent Answers from Danelle Reed

2011-09-13 Daisy stealing clothes:

That's an interesting question. I am not sure exactly how many times that happens in the series. I can tell you that Bo and Luke lose their clothes in Ghost of the General Lee when they're skinny dipping

2007-12-07 The Duke family had a dog.:

I have seen all the episodes, most over the past year and the Duke family didn't have a regular dog on the show. The only dog I can recall that they had was in Repo Man. They used a female dog, a cocker

2005-12-06 Rosco:

Well, in short, no, not really. Rosco did occasionally flirt with one of the female tellers at the bank. There was an episode called "Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane" in which a woman who is part of con artist

2005-08-08 dogs:

Rosco's bassett hound was named Flash. Flash first appeared in the 3rd season episode "Enos Strate to the Top". In Flash's earlier episodes, there was some confusion as to whether she was male or female

2005-01-12 Incidental music and car engine noise:

Paul,    I'm not aware of any such incidental music. If it's available, it would probably have been made by a fan. You could ask around at the message boards of my site, HazzardNet.com. Otherwise, I'd


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