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My main area of expertise is the character of Admiral A. J. Chegwidden portrayed by actor John M. Jackson. I created and maintain "The Admiral Fact Book," which covers all information known about the Admiral so far from the show. However, I have watched JAG since the first episode and been involved in on-line JAG Fandom for several years and believe I can answer most general questions about the show.

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I run the John M. Jackson Admiration Society, the unofficial fan club of actor John M. Jackson, and maintain its website. I also was involved in putting on the first ever JAG Convention and then went on to found the JAGFanFest - both west and east coast events. I have met almost all the actors as well as many of the writers, directors, and production staff. I occasionally write JAG fanfic, and I am the editor of The Jackson Journal, the on-line newsletter of the JMJAS.

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JAG is an excellent show combining courtroom drama with action, adventure, comedy, and human elements. Many episodes are based on current events.

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Recent Answers from Nancy Pratt

2016-02-10 Admiral Chegwidden and Meredith:

I wish I could tell you, but it's been a long time now.  It was definitely in Season 9, and I think it was episode 12 - A Girl's Best Friend.  That appears to be the last episode that the character of

2016-01-05 Harm fighting Brumby:

It's been a while, but I believe I counted Australia as twice.  They started to fight, which ended up with Bud getting a broken jaw, and then Chegwidden made them fight, which was the second one.  I'm

2015-05-09 Why did Admiral Chegwidden retire?:

Hi Pete - As depicted on the show, he'd been reunited with his daughter after a long estrangement and then gotten engaged and caught his girlfriend in bed with someone else. So there had been some major

2015-02-11 JAG Background:

Hi Laurie -     Harm had minor surgery that restored his ability to see at night.  That allowed him to go back to flying.  It was in the Season 4 episode "Second Sight."  As for Brumby, he is part of the

2014-02-15 Suits or True Detective:

Hi Peter,    Unfortunately, I've never seen either of these shows, so I can't comment on them.  I can suggest Rizzoli and Isles as a show I really enjoy.  I haven't seen every episode, but I've never seen


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