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pretty good base knowledge of naval regs, medals, etc. also good with opposing nation's platforms.

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have seen all but a few of the episodes

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2009-08-29 Jag Season 9 & 10:

The eighth season of JAG was released (in the US) in March 2009.  Season 9 is available for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of November 2009, and based on the pattern of prior release dates, season

2009-02-05 JAG:

Seasons 1-9 reruns are still shown on the USA network in the United States.  Season 10's rights were picked up by the Hallmark Channel, and they're supposed to start showing those episodes (but they've

2009-02-01 final episode:

Legally, I'm not sure if there's a venue available (or illegally, for that matter).  YouTube has clips of the last episode, but not all of it.  Hallmark Channel has bought the rights to Season 10 (the

2008-12-20 Last episode of Season 1:

The episode you're referring to ("Death Watch") was never *actually* aired on NBC (JAG's network for the first season), which is why the arrest was never resolved.  When CBS picked up the show, they chose

2008-12-20 Harms Dad on Aircraft Carrier:

First, it goes without saying (but of course I'll say it): thank you for your service to our country.  I, for one, am most certainly appreciative.    As for your actual question, the episode I immediately


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