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Recent Answers from Brent Wilson

2011-04-24 JAG, season 1, Episode 22, Skeleton Crew:

NBC did not air the episode at the time, and the basic storyline and most of the original shooting (including Andrea Thompson's parts) were later recycled in "Death Watch" (episode 3.19). NBC never aired

2007-10-17 JAG & Desperate Housewives Link:

Kelli    Thanks for the follow up.  From what I can tell there are no connections bewtween the shows, except these men appeared in both.  In fact Steven Culp was apearing in 4 shows at the same time.

2007-10-16 JAG & Desperate Housewives Link:

I am not sure if I understand the question.  As you indicate they each played different roles at one time or another.  I can list the episodes that they each have been involved with with the exception

2007-10-14 End of series one:

John,     Thanks for the question.      At the end of season one NBC dropped the show.  The last show was Episode Title: "Ares" Original Air Date: 05/22/1996.  The show was pick up by CBS.  "Skeleton Crew"

2007-09-14 Harm and Mac:

Thanks for the question.    There would be a lot of people who would watch this movie if it was ever.  However it won’t be made.  David James Elliot and Donald P. Bellisario had a bit of a falling out


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