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Can answer just about any question about Sailor Moon, English and Japanese....I finished the manga so I can answer questions on that, and a lot of other anime as well. Also, questions about life in general, or video games too!

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Well, I've seen every English episode about 5 times, and in Japanese twice now, and counting! I grew up watching it, and I'm a quarter of a century old now.....^_^


LOL! The Risembool Rangers, i don't know if it's considered an organization, but it's the fan club for one of the best VA's out there, (for those who don't know, that's a voice actor!)


High school, of course, planning on going to community college soon to be a pharmacy tech. I was almost always on my schools Honors list, and did great in my classes.....except algebra, which i consider evil....probably from the Dark Kingdom.......XD

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kristine04/04/16101010Thank you Sarah!
Derek05/27/111010Very nice and timely response.

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2013-12-31 Sailor Moon:

Well, it can vary by type of box set, I'm sure Amazon would have better answers on this than I would. For instance, the uncut box set (Japanese only) for only season one would have 8 dvds, the normal season

2012-04-12 question:

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean... I don't make Sailor Moon! (Although I wish I did... xD) But seriously, I doubt there will be more, seeing as the manga ended as well.     There is a fifth

2011-09-28 sailor m oon games:

1.) It's a Japanese phrase used to exorcise demons, which translates into "Evil Spirit, Begone."    2.) It's a variation of Sabao Spray, which means Sabao means soap in Portugese.     3.) A youma is a

2011-09-26 sailormoon:

Of course! You just need to know where to look. First off, Sailor Moon is an anime, with 200 episodes in the Japanese dub, and somewhat less than that in English. There are 3 or 4 movies, though.    There

2011-05-27 Song That Plays During Hotaru's Flashback:

Oh, politeness! I love when people, especially guys these days, can show manners. I truly appreciate that...     I know the track you are talking about, and I don't seem to have it in my Sailor Moon collection


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