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I can answer most generally questions on sailor moon, but some specifics like name of attacks of the villains and stuff are hard. But most general questions on the senshi, their attacks, names, etc are good. I will NOT help with illegal downloads.

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I have been an avid fan of Sailor Moon since they came out in Hong Kong (around 1994).


Currently almost have my BSci.

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Sailor Moon is a really cool manga/anime about normal people who can become superheroes.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Sailor Stars was never officially dubbed in English.

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Haruka and Michiru are NOT cousins.

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2011-03-25 End of Sailor Moon as we know it?:

The final episode was episode 200. There is unlikely to be any more, as the manga is finished as well, on more or less the same note.     Sailor Moon's English licenses ran out in the 2000's, which is

2010-09-22 Sailor Moon:

Actually this was the Sailor Moon R movie you are describing!     From a synopsis on ANN:  "Mamoru's childhood friend, the alien Fiore, has returned to Earth to fulfill his promise to a flower to Mamoru

2010-09-12 Darien Shields:

He's died more than once, but luckily gets to come back to life each time. :P    He dies in episode 46, during the battle against Beryl, and is reborn when Sailor Moon wishes for everyone to return.  

2009-07-01 Darien:

When he is on the plane to America, it gets moved to a different dimension by Galaxia. He tries to fight as Tuxedo Mask, but he is unable to beat her, and Galaxia takes his star seed (and so he dies).

2009-06-30 question:

Hihi~ The episode you are talking about takes place in the second half of Season R. The group have travelled into the future via the Gates of Time, to help Chibi-Usa (Rini). While there, Dimande attacks


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