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I can answer questions about the Enterprise, her crew, and the alien races which frequented the show. I've watched every episode, some several times, so I can answer many questions about plot, characters, or other things you'd like to throw at me! I can't answer questions about the other 4 Star Trek series. I can try, but my knowledge of those series is not as great as my TNG expertise. I also cannot answer questions about the 'behind the scenes' of the show: the show's production, the actors/actresses, etc. I know the names of the actors but that's about it!

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Star Trek fan for about 20 years; used to record/watch episodes on VHS until the VCR went the way of the Husnock.


Fan of the show; I learn from watching and hearing the input of others.

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James10/23/16101010Much more effort is made in the .....
Erin07/12/16101010Thanks once more for a brilliant answer!

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2016-10-23 TNG:

Another criticism of Enterprise is the disregard for continuity. Supposedly little is known about the Ferengi in Picard's day. In "The Last Outpost," the Federation meets the Ferengi for what is supposed

2016-10-22 TNG:

Hello, James.    Feel free to ask whatever you wish about any Star Trek series. I may not be able to answer certain questions, of course.    To be honest, I never got into Enterprise. I never watched it

2016-10-20 TNG:

Hello, James.     It can't be known for certain, since Q's perfectly capable of keeping a straight face! But seriously, although the inhabitants of Brax apparently called Q a "god of lies," I don't know

2016-07-05 Do voice recordings work?:

Hello, Erin.    I don't think that this has ever been ruled out. Given the lax security at times on even the flagship of the Federation, it wouldn't surprise me.    Actually, the Enterprise is taken over

2016-06-22 Weapons locker on the bridge:

Hello, Erin.    That's a good observation. I don't think so. In "Rascals," for example, Ferengi board the ship and beam onto the bridge. Of course, only Worf has a phaser. (Worf has a phaser by his tactical


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