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You can ask me everything you want to know about the Startrek series. I don`t know a lot about The Original Series, but if you have a question about TOS you can always try me. I`m a huge Startrek fan for over 12 years. I have a large collection of Startrek books (my hobby is collecting books about Startrek), so I have a lot of resources to use.

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I have answerd questions about Startrek on the forum at I've also seen almost every Startrek episode.

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The thing I like most are the technical issues.

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2005-10-16 Communicators:

This question was never addressed in the series, but the Next Generation Technical Manual explaines that the computer runs the message through various data encryption and control programs so it looks like

2005-08-19 Star Dates:

Stardates weren't really meant to be converted to normal calendar dates, because the exact timeframe of Startrek wasn't established until the The Next Generation episode "The Neutral Zone" (The current

2005-02-07 tradable items in the universe(fiction )not real life:

Hi Jason,    Thanks for your question.    Well, I could make such a list for you but I have to say I really don't have the time for such an undertaking. ;-)Besides, something similar has already been done

2004-08-17 Episodes ID needed for comparison to screen used STTNG props:

Episode production numbers can be found on    Original series:    The Next Generation:

2004-08-16 selling Star Trek Collectables:

The definitive price list of Star Trek memorabilia is "The Offial Price Guide to Star Wars and Star Trek collectables"  by Sue Cornwell and Mike Kott.     This book is still available from and


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