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DS9 is my all time favorite TV show, and I can answer questions on virtually any aspect of it, from on-screen information to behind-the-scenes material. If you go to, and go into any DS9 episode, look at the 'Background Information' section. Chances are I wrote most of what's there, especially on episodes from season 3 onwards.

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I watched DS9 when it first aired. I've got all the episodes on DVD and have watched them all three times. I've watched all the special features on every DVD. I've read the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion cover to cover. I'm active on Memory Alpha, the most comprehensive Star Trek site on the internet.


I have a BA in English and History, an MA in English, a Diploma in Film and Video Production and I'm currently in the final year of my PhD in English.

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2012-09-10 Creature ID?:

Hi Jim,    I'm afraid that's not ringing any bells at all. Are you sure it was a DS9 episode and not one of the other shows?    In any case, have you tried this website:

2012-08-25 Badly damaged Defiant.:

Hi David,    1) They simply meant that the torpedo bay at the back of the ship wasn't working, nor was their cloaking device due to the damge the ship had sustained.    2) I'm not exactly sure what the

2011-08-15 Movies:

Hi James,    You could try asking the others if they know anything about all the shows. I'm great on DS9, okay on TNG and TOS, but I know next to nothing about VOY or ENT.    Anyway, to answer your questions

2011-05-01 DS 9 budget:

Hi David,    Well, I don't know exact figures, but basically, yeah, you're right. DS9 did have a relatively small budget. I know that towards the end of its run, TNG had a budget of $1.5m an episode. TNG

2010-11-11 Quark's:

You know, that's a really good question. You're right, Starfleet don't pay their people, so the Starfleet personel wouldn't be able to pay Quark.    The question isn't addressed on the show itself, and


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