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I have been an avid Star Trek watcher since I was 11 years old. I have seen every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine at first airing (and I do have all 7 seasons on DVD) and can answer virtually any question raised (about the crew, the station, the Defiant, the wormhole, various aliens, the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant and of course, the Dominion War).

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I watched the series starting with its debut in 1993. If I don't know the answers off the top of my head, I also have the entire series on DVD.
I am also on for Star Trek Voyager, X-Men, Angel/BtVS, and LOST

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Christopher12/19/12101010Very detailed response, quickly delivered!
James11/26/111010Informative, but rude response.

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2012-12-18 DS9/TNG timeline overlap:

Hi C. Fewell,    There is no clear answer here so we are left to speculate. It does make sense that the embargo was lifted during the Dominion War, while the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire were

2012-06-09 What is a plasma leak?:

Hi David,    Simple answer, it's a plasma leak.  Starfleet starships use super-heated ionized plasma to power the ship's systems. They charge and recharge the plasma and it acts as fuel basically -- like

2011-11-22 Sisko's Visions:

Hi James,    Those 2 episodes featured visions.  The first, FAR BEYOND THE STARS, was a vision sent to Sisko as a residual effect of the visions he'd been having earlier from the Prophets.  The second

2011-03-28 The Visitor:

Hi John,    Yes, I am the same guy who answered your Voyager question as well, haha.    Wow, I haven't seen this episode in a LONG time, so I might be remembering things incorrectly.  But I think Ben Sisko

2011-01-08 Uhara:

Hi Kristine,    1. Is it true that Alexander Siddig auditioned for a different role before he got the part of the Doctor on DS9?  Originally, he was brought in to audition for the role of Captain Benjamin


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