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I can answer most questions on Star Trek: Voyager. I have grasped most of the technical language and science and have watched almost every episode. Although Star Trek: Voyager is my expertise I also have extensive knowledge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I will be able to answer most questions on a variety of subjects within the category.

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I have several videos, the Star Trek encyclopedia and have dozens of books on Star Trek: Voyager. I have watched and read about it since it started.


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Gene Roddenberry when writing and creating the Star Trek series had moral stories in mind. The catch was that young viewers could see what he was doing but the adults couldn't. The first in sci fi to have a PO (Positive Outlook) in the future of humans. Did you know that Star Trek the Original series screened the first inter-racial kiss on American television and possibly film as well!

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2014-03-17 crew:

Hi Steve,    Thank you for your question.    The normal ship complement for a ship like Voyager was about 150. When Voyager left dock there were 153 personnel onboard. By Season 7 there were 146 personnel

2012-12-13 tom paris:

Hi Frank,    Thank you for your question.    It sounds like you are currently watching the middle-end of season 2 of Voyager. What episode are you currently on? There are a few episodes where Paris displays

2012-04-27 Capt Kirk:

Hi Eric,    Thank you for your question.    Its been a very long time since I have seen any of the original series however the episodes/movies that feature a bible are - Requiem for Methuselah, Court Martial

2011-12-21 Threshold:

Hi James,    Thank you for your question.    Personally, I agree that Threshold is an interesting episode with the scientific ideas that you mention. Yes the lizard transformation was rather pointless

2011-12-07 "Q":

Hi James,    Thank you for your question.    The episode "Death Wish" is from the 2nd season of Star Trek Voyager.   In this episode Q - who we are familiar with originally from TNG is played by John de


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