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I can answer any question about Star Trek: Voyager as I have seen every episode (from the "Caretaker" to "Endgame") and have the series on DVD. I can answer questions regarding the crew, the ship, the Delta Quadrant, various Delta Quadrant species, the Borg, and a host of other topics.

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I am also on for Star Trek Deep Space Nine, X-Men, Angel/BtVS, and LOST

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Clint09/28/16101010Thank you very much
Richard Pettipas07/05/11101010Thaks for getting back to me . Richard

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2016-09-22 The krenim:

Hi Clint,    We don't know for sure since it wasn't addressed on the show but we have to assume that the Q felt that the changes that Annorax was making to the timeline were within the acceptable allowable

2012-09-06 Can't find this episode:

Gregg,    OK, still, nothing specific is coming to mind from your description.     The only continuous battles that I can think of that Voyager was involved in were those between the different Kazon factions

2012-09-03 Can't find this episode:

Hey Gregg,    Sorry for the delay.  Nothing specific sprang to mind initially when I read your question.  Are you sure the incident you're thinking of happened before Seven of Nine joined the crew? Could

2012-01-01 Spacetime:

Hi James,    No, ST:V was not the first series to use the term "spacetime" as the term has been in use in all Star Trek series and in nearly all science-fiction television shows, movies, and books.  Mostly

2011-07-07 Latest Voyager Book:

Kristine,    1. I don't read the books/novels.  You can find a list on Wikipedia:    2. T'Pol is Vulcan and therefore, works hard to control


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