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I can answer most questions about Athens Tennessee regarding all major tourist attractions, entertainment, major employers, suburbs, shopping and dining, residential in terms of purchasing and renting.

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I have lived in Tennessee for over 40 years and travel frequently around Tennessee.


I have attended seminars and workshops in various Tennessee cities for creating demographic reports designed specifically for Tennessee business owners in all industries.

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Jane12/16/10101010Thank you. I will look into it .....

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2010-12-24 Businesses Chattanooga Tennessee:

Kelsey,    I'm saying these businesses are located in and around Chattanooga.  Homes in the $100K price range are also located in and around Chattanooga. You don't have to look for a home in Chattanooga

2010-12-24 Businesses Chattanooga Tennessee:

Chattanooga is going to be perfect for that arrangement! Chattanooga was recently chosen as the home of a $1 billion Volks Wagon factory.  During the coming one to two years, Volks Wagon will be directly

2010-12-24 Businesses Chattanooga Tennessee:

Hi Kelsey,    Thank you for your questions about office buildings and low priced homes being near one another. I'm going to assume by "low priced" homes we are talking about homes under $100K. Also by

2010-12-15 Wedding Venues in Chattanooga Tennessee:

There are several wedding venues in Chattanooga Tennessee which could probably meet most of your requirements. The one requirement you describe as "simple but elegant atmosphere" is probably subject to


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