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I am not a native Austinite, but lived in Austin since 1989. I certainly can not answer everything there is to know about Austin, but can give you a candid answer/opinion based on first-hand experience. I decided to volunteer (or pretend to be an expert) since there is no Austin "expert" in this site.

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Austin and some surrounding areas

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Austin is a lively and fast growing city that still maintains some of the small city charms. It is a good place to raise a family while it offers plenty of "grown-up fun" for the singles.

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Austin is a home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. Visit the Congress Avenue bridge at sunset during summer to see the bats go out for dinner.

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Austin is an oasis for the progressive and liberal in a state otherwise conservative. Add the fact that it is the state capital, and you have a fertile ground for political wars.

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2015-09-01 Shuttles:

First, sorry for a delayed response.    The weather should be good when you visit Austin.  Probably in low 80's, but it can always change. :-)    Here's a list of hotels with airport shuttle service.

2012-12-07 Private schools in Austin (athletics&technology):

I am not as familiar with private schools as I am with public schools, especially in elementary school level.  Opinion on private schools vary quite a bit.  I suspect it may have to do with the school's

2011-03-24 Eanes School District:

First, a disclaimer.  My response below is based on my understanding as of few years ago.  If you want an official policy, I think you should call the school district.  They *will* tell you directly and

2011-02-20 Catholic Schools:

First, my apology for a late reply.  Somehow I didn't get the first notification, but I just saw a second reminder.  At any rate, my knowledge on Catholic schools are very limited.  I don't think there

2011-02-20 African American Middle-upper class population:

The good school districts (Eanes ISD and Round Rock ISD) and their schools have been mentioned several times in previous posts.  So you should check them out.  There is no middle/upper class black neighborhood


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