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I am a Star Wars geek! I can answer any questions about anything in star wars. I own the star wars encyclopedia and other books like that. The only thing i'm not to familiar with is the Legacy era (after Han and Leia have kids). But i can still find the answers, it may just take a little more time. My favorite subjects are about Sith, and about the Sith era. *Note* I am not very knowledgeable about prices of old Star Wars toys, comics, and stuff like that. You would be better off asking one of our other knowledgeable experts. But I will look into it if you ask me to. I have a ton of time on my hands so I should be able to answer questions within a day or so.

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I read about star wars all the time, I just finished the darth bane series. I'm going to hopefully start to read the newer books, about the legacy era. I read about Sith the most, they fascinate me beyond belief. I own the star wars Encyclopedia and i can get access to the complete visual guide


I don't have any, but i don't really need any to answer questions about Star Wars! All you need to know is I'm very passionate about it!

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Donn01/13/13101010Very cool. Thanks for the expert opinion .....

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