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I consider myself an expert because not only have I watched the movies repeatedly, but I consider myself a "purist" in the sense that I've read the books, but I only accept certain books as belonging to the true story. For example, the books written after "Vision of the Future" by Zahn I do not count as authentic storyline. My areas of specific expertise are: Jedi history, Han Solo, and bounty hunters.

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Star Wars has something for everyone. Whether you're for one side or another, you like power or prestige, balance, religion, mystery, its all there. Its story is something that anyone can relate to.

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Did you know that "Jedi" is a recognized religion in Australia and Great Britain?

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2015-08-13 anakin:

Hi again,    1. My guess is that Han, Chewie and/or Leia will be killed off. Han has the disadvantage of age. Chewie is over-protective of Han and could die as a result of protecting him or his family

2015-08-13 anakin:

1. Yes, Anakin was at fault. The Emperor was not 'controlling' him - he was influencing him and gave him orders, but those were conscious decisions that Anakin made. He wasn't forced into doing that, his

2014-11-24 Future films:

Hi James!  It's  my understanding that episodes 7-9 will completely break from all prior lore and stories and become a completely new story. This is such a disappointment to me, especially after how careful

2009-07-09 George Lucas naming the character:

Dear Holly,  I have not heard about this. Most of the theories on where George Lucas found or created the names of his characters from Hebrew or other languages. A lot of the names are rumored to have

2008-05-07 star wars books:

Hi Teri,  Ah, the confusing world of Star Wars books...  I recommend either starting from the "beginning" with Timothy Zahn's "Outbound Flight."  Then read the Han Solo trilogy, then Zahn's "Allegiance


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