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Nearly any topic about the Star Wars universe. From Episodes 1-6 to the mini series to the expanded universe/canon material and video games.

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Very well. Experience years would probably be 6 years


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Tom08/09/07101010Thanks, Dave...great response. I'm bookmarking this .....

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2015-02-10 toilets in the Star Wars universe:

Interesting topic.. but there sure is info on toilets/bathrooms!    Here's two valuable sources Ruben;    Bathrooms

2012-07-02 Star Wars Characters:

There are hundreds of characters in the Star wars films. Even background characters have elaborate backgrounds. If you want to know more a bout them, you can look on wookiepedia.    As for the graphic

2011-06-19 Dianoga in the death star:

There was never a direct answer, but it's assumed that it either stowed away, was found, captured and thrown into the trash compactor intentionally or possibly a smaller one (or an egg) was thrown away

2010-01-17 Revan and the Unknown Regions:

Ah, a good question.    Well I hoped you also played through KOTOR 2, which explains a bunch of other parts of the story, since I'm assuming you only played through the first one.    However, let me try

2008-05-07 Storm Troopers and Clones:

The template degeneration doesn't necessarily mean a clone is going downhill, or becoming worse. In fact, the point of the Clones being independent is indeed breaking away from the original template, (remember


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