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Can answer questions about Santiago, and surroundings, what to do and how to travel out of there. What are the things to watch out for in Chile and what is its glamour. Why go to Chile?

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Went to high school there. I return to Chile several times a year. Have friends and acquientances that still live there and can answer question on the double.




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Chile is as long as the US is wide (from the tip of San Diego to the top of Maine) and it is the largest exporter of copper in the world.

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It has lousy soccer...

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Recent Answers from Eddie

2014-01-21 Phone rental:

Hello Frank,    Your best bet is probably to buy a phone with minutes already included (this is what I have done in the past).  Generally, you can go to any mall in Santiago (eg, Alto de Las Condes or

2011-10-24 SantiagoCemetary:

Hi Sheila,    On the surface, it appears that Pinochet was "interred" (cremated?) at the Military School in Santiago (Escuela Militar) and that Bernardo Ohiggins was interred somewhere in Peru (there are

2010-01-28 Living in Chile as a foreigner:

Hi Haven,    Let us start from the back and work our way towards the front.    I have never lived in Uruguay so I cannot make a comparison.  From what I do know about Uruguay, it is very nice for tourists

2010-01-14 chile:

Hi Ross,    Sorry for the delay; I didn't realize I had a question waiting.    This site ( will have some information on hiking and trekking

2010-01-07 Air travel:

Graham,    LanChile or LanPeru has flight from Lima to Santiago (some are at about 89 bucks one way).  Similarly, the Lan chain has flights from Santiago to Bariloche but they all connect through Buenos


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